It’s all very nice having a beautifully designed website but if it’s filled with waffle, has uninspiring headlines and a cringe-worthy spelling mistake, who’s going to stick around to read it?

Don’t want to be all fur coat and no knickers? Allow me to...

Eliminate the waffle
Yes, we know you have lots to say about your business. The problem is, nobody has time to read it all. So how about I cut to the chase, pare it down, keep the words that mean something and get rid of the ones that don’t. The result? Waffle-free, straight-to-the point content.
Engage your readers
See those words at the start of the main text? That’s your headline. It’s the thing that captures people’s attention. But does it?  Let me make your headline pithy, controversial, informative, funny – or whatever else it takes to make it stand out.
Give you an A* for English
So there are a few spelling mistakes on your website. Maybe the odd grammatical error. Perhaps even an errant apostrophe. No biggie, eh? Well, no, not if you want people to think your business is run by a four-year-old.  Let me sort this. Now.
Big up your key words
Key words are important for SEO. If you don’t have them, search engines will have trouble finding you. Once upon a time, you could simply keep repeating your key words, parrot fashion. But things have moved on and these days search engines like things a bit more subtle. Let me give you subtle.
Write content that ticks all the boxes
You’ve hired a web designer. Your brother’s neighbour’s friend who once wrote a flyer for his college band is writing the content. It’s all good. Er, no, it’s not. It’s really not. Everyone can put words on paper – but not everyone can write content that does justice to your business. Don’t blow this opportunity.

While you’re at it – how about some of this?

Lovely words for your lovely business
Newsletters, press releases, brochures... whatever you need, I’ll deliver spot-on content

Content clean-up and polish
You write the words, I’ll edit and proof-read to make them sparkle

Sass for your social media
Handy tips to perk things up on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook
web content writer Bedfordshire
Before Helen started writing my web content, she spent time asking questions about what I did so that she had a clear understanding of what I offered and the type of clients who come to me. This was very important because my website has to come across as sincere and reflect me as an individual. Helen also made some great suggestions about changing photos and tweaking the layout. I’ve since had compliments from people on how the website looks and how the tone is warmer. Helen’s work was accurate, speedy and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
web content writer Bedfordshire
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