As if you haven’t got enough to do running your business, along comes blogging. You know it’s got to be done, though, right? A blog helps you engage with clients and customers and keeps you on their radar. I’m sorry – did you say you don’t have a blog? We need to talk.

Don’t want to be left on the blogging shelf? Allow me to....

Compile a blog schedule
Maintaining a regular blog might seem like a daunting task but with my annual blog schedule you’ll get year-round ideas to keep you blogging with confidence. Frankly, there’ll be no stopping you.
Keep the ideas coming
My brain is always buzzing with ideas. Sometimes it gets quite crowded. Why don’t I give some of those ideas – all perfectly matched to your business, of course – to you? You’re welcome.
Be your blog partner
You want to blog. You just need a bit of help getting started. Maybe some pointers on getting the right tone, a few topical ideas, advice on eye-catching headlines, that sort of thing. Why don’t I help you write a few to get you into the blogging groove? Hand-holding optional.
Write your blogs for you
Yep, how about I take the whole blogging business off your hands and do it for you? We’ll sort out a timetable, talk about ideas, discuss what you want and when – then you can just leave me to work my magic.

While you’re at it – how about some of this?

Lovely words for your lovely business
Newsletters, press releases, brochures... whatever you need, I’ll deliver spot-on content

Content clean-up and polish
You write the words, I’ll edit and proof-read to make them sparkle

Sass for your social media
Handy tips to perk things up on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook
Blog Writer Bedfordshire
At our first meeting, I was impressed by Helen’s knowledge and experience in content creation and journalism as well as her approachable but professional manner. I felt reassured in her ability to not only write great content but also to understand who I was, so that my voice came through the words. I hired Helen to formulate the content for the refresh of my website and she took the material and transformed it into interesting content that had the right level of impact. Helen also became my blogging partner – she gives me new ideas to keep the blog fresh and works with me to write blog posts that engage my readers.
Blog Writer Bedfordshire
 Time to let go of the slog. I'm here to help you blog