How much is this all going to cost me?
You’re direct – I like that!

Honest answer? Right now I don’t know. Before we start talking money, best thing to do is have a little chat. Once I’ve got a better idea what you want, how much of it you want and when you want it then I can price things up and pop you over an estimate. Sound good? 

By the way, I’m all about being flexible. Not in a yoga kind of way. More in a ‘Let’s figure this out’ kind of way. It means we can discuss options. See how we can work together without breaking your budget or breaking my heart.  Fixed fees? Who needs them!

You’re based in Bedfordshire. I’m not...
No problem. While it’s lovely to meet the people I work with, it’s not essential. If you’re in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire or thereabouts, pop the kettle on and I’ll come over. I can get to London, too, so long as there’s a decent biscuit at the end of it.
If you’re based anywhere else, you can send a chauffeur-driven car to collect me. I’m kidding – although this did once happen on a project I was working on. It sounds glamorous but I actually got quite car sick. Best stick to phone, email or carrier pigeon, eh?

You’re winning me over. What do I do now?
Bless you, you sound nice! Why don’t you get in touch and we’ll have that chat I was talking about. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.
copywriter Bedfordshire
I first met Helen when I was features editor at New Woman where she was one of our most trusted contributors and editors. Her ideas, style and standards were always first class. Helen is great to work with. She has a wealth of experience and always turns in very polished work. She’s also fun and full of clever ideas.
copywriter Bedfordshire
 Ready to get in touch? I’m just a click away...