Let me tell you about myself...

I’m a journalist, copywriter and press consultant. I write content for websites, blogs, press releases, newsletters and pretty much anything else that needs words beautifully crafted together. I also work with businesses like yours to get them featured in magazines and newspapers. But, hey, these are just some facts.  What can I tell you about me that will make you want to hire me?
Well, I love writing with all my heart. Ever since I started getting gold stars at school for my short stories, I’ve felt the calling. I remember one of my scary stories being read out in class and when a door creaked everyone jumped out of their skin. Wow, I thought, words sure can grab people’s attention.
Fast-forward to journalism college where my lecturer told me my first assignment – a travel piece – was good enough to sell to a newspaper. Blow me, I thought, I could actually make a living out of this. And so I did.
Over the past 25 years, I’ve written for Red, Marie Claire, the Express, Elle, Top Sante, Woman, the Guardian, Reader’s Digest, the Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine, Woman & Home, Candis, the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine, the Mirror... I could go on but I’m guessing you’ve got the message.
I write for all sorts of businesses, too. I’ve worked with big guns like Sony, Thomson and First Choice as well as lots of lovely little local businesses, including a life coach, energy consultant and Italian cookery school.
Actually, I love writing so much I even do it in my spare time. I’m editor of my local parish magazine, dabble in sketch-writing and am co-writing a hit West End play (may as well aim high, no?).
Me and words belong together. And maybe you and me belong together. If you hire me to work with you, I give you my word I’ll put my heart into it. Just give it back to me when we’re done. Deal?
* With thanks to the Bee Gees (and Boyzone)
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I hired Helen to assist me with website content writing and press coverage services. She has a good eye for detail and her writing style is succinct, to the point and easily followed. Helen is reliable and dependable and I’d be happy to employ her again.
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 So, that’s me. Get in touch and tell me about you!