You’ve got a great business but your phone won’t be ringing off the hook unless people know about it. That’s where media coverage comes in. Get your business featured in newspapers and magazines and you’ll reach hundreds if not thousands of potential clients and customers. 

Don’t want to miss out on publicity? Allow me to...

Create a publicity schedule
FYI – editors love timely content. I’ll put together a tailormade schedule to ensure that you’re in synch with what editors want and when they want it. Your timetable will include year-round ideas to maximise your publicity opportunities.
Find your perfect match
I can’t help you find your soulmate, but I can make sure your business is targeted to the right publication. Whether it’s local, consumer, trade or business press, I’ll get you in the best possible place to attract new clients and customers.
Be your ideas person
While you concentrate on your business, I’ll concentrate on ideas to promote it. Not just any old ideas, thank you very much, but well-timed, sit-up-and-take-notice ideas that editors will love.
Pimp you out as an expert
Yes, really. Publications can’t get enough of people who can offer tips, advice and meaningful quotes. Let me help you become the go-to expert that magazines and newspapers are looking for.
Be your ghostwriter
There’s nothing spooky about it. I’ll put together a well-researched, well-written article, pop your name on it and send it off to a publication on your behalf. Hey presto, you’re in the press! (And all the credit and all the glory is yours)
Grab an editor’s attention
The editor is the one thing that’s standing between you and publicity glory. What are you going to do? You’re going to leave it to me! I’m an old hand at this media malarkey, so if anyone can get you in a magazine and newspaper, it’s me.

While you’re at it – how about some of this?

Lovely words for your lovely business
Newsletters, press releases, brochures... whatever you need, I’ll deliver spot-on content

Content clean-up and polish
You write the words, I’ll edit and proof-read to make them sparkle

Sass for your social media
Handy tips to perk things up on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook
Business Press Coverage
Helen was a brilliant consultant. She gave me lots of advice on my website in terms of making the content more concise and engaging, and she also had some really useful tips on improving the look. Helen talked me through Twitter – something I was clueless about – and explained how to use it to promote my business. Last but not least, she was brimming with ideas on how to get my business featured in a variety of magazines and newspapers.
Business Press Coverage
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