Blogging. The thought of it makes you break into a cold sweat, doesn’t it? I mean, what are you supposed to blog about?
Don’t get scared. Trust me, you can do this. You just need a few ideas. And, oh look, here are a few ideas...

Give your blog celebrity appeal
Celebrities. We’re obsessed with them. So use them. All you’ve got to do is figure out how your product or service relates to the famous person in question. Because obviously you can’t just mention names without a reason. That would be silly. So, for example, Sir Richard Branson was recently in the news talking about pre-nups – perfect blogging fodder for solicitors and finance experts. Kate Moss just got back from a girlie spa holiday? Hello travel specialists! Nicole Kidman spotted surfing? Cue water sports companies. See how this works? See how easy it is?
Keep royalty on your radar
If a royal sneezes, you can blog about it. Well, sort of. Kate Middleton is the one to watch right now. If your business has anything to do with pregnancy and babies, what are you waiting for?
Be on trend
Using a survey or new research in your blog post is a sure-fire winner. Let’s say 7 out of 10 women don’t have time to clean their house*. If you run a cleaning business, get that into your blog. Just launched an amazing time-saving cleaning product?  Happy days!
(*I made that up, but you get the point, yes?)
Get with the theme
Where there’s a theme, there’s a blog. And believe me, there are themes-a-plenty to choose from. A quick internet search revealed that in April we’ve got National Pet Month, National Gardening Week and National Stop Snoring Week. That should keep a few businesses in blog ideas for the month.
Be nosey for news
If it’s in the news, people will be talking about it. They’ll be looking to read about it. They could be reading about it in your blog. From hot TV programmes to political scandals, you can always find a juicy/informative/interesting/weird news story that you can talk about in your blog. Just remember to make it relevant to your business. If you manage to get Poldark into your blog, I’m impressed. Want to tell me how you did it?

Happy blogging!
[photo credit] Flickr