I love editing my local parish magazine, Spotlight. I get to find out about interesting people in my village and also help them to promote their business.
One woman who runs an Italian cookery school puts a regular recipe in the magazine. It’s a great way to remind people who she is and what she does – and has even resulted in her being asked to talk on local radio.

We’ve featured a body painter – that’s human bodies, not car bodies! – who picked up several bits of work after he appeared in one of the Spotlight issues. Then there was the male embroiderer whose story sparked a real interest, not to mention phone enquiries.
A local magazine – even if it’s just a tiny parish publication – can be a great place to start a press coverage campaign. It’s usually pretty easy to get featured. As an editor, I’m always looking for interesting content to fill Spotlight so it’s great when villagers get in touch.
Before you approach a publication, have a clear idea what an article on your business will offer the readers. Is it a quirky business that will grab people’s attention? Is there an interesting story behind the business? Can you offer tips and advice? 
We’ve had a driving instructor giving road safety tips. A life coach offering advice on coping with Christmas stress. And we currently have an accountant who’s a fount of information on all things tax related. They all give our readers something to think about – and they get to promote their business while they’re at it.
So, while you might aspire to the Guardian or Vogue, when it comes to getting your business noticed, don’t underestimate the power of your local publication!