See it? Sadly, the firm of solicitors this typo belongs to didn’t.
The mistake didn’t appear in an internal document that a few staff members saw. Oh no, it showed up in a colour ad in a Bedfordshire business newspaper. Obviously highly embarrassing – and who knows how it affected their business. Personally, I’m not sure I’d trust them with my legal matters given their poor attention to detail.
Even worse than typos is the dreaded spelling mistake. I see them on websites all the time but when I kindly point them out I often just get a shrug and a ‘Oh well, it’s no big deal’. Newsflash – it is a big deal! One businessman realised this when a spelling mistake on his website was corrected – and, lo and behold, the revenue per visitor doubled.
The fact is, typos and spelling mistakes do nothing to help your credibility or show you off as a serious, professional business. Frankly, it makes you look a bit sloppy. It makes people wonder how bothered you are about them if you can’t even be bothered to use Spellcheck. It turns people off buying into your services or spending money on your products.
The bottom line? A cavalier attitude to your web content could cost you dear.