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Got yourself a well-designed website? Congrats! And the content? What’s that you say – you’re writing it yourself? Well good luck – hope you get the key words in, the spelling mistakes out and all that snooze-inducing waffle under control.  Or, here’s a thought, you could just ask me to write web content.

Fabulous business you have there. Many people know about it? Shame. If only someone with bags of experience could help get you featured in magazines and newspapers. You know, spread the word with press coverage. Um, hello, I can sort your media coverage.

Can’t blog, won’t blog? I hear you! You’ve got enough on your plate running a business. You don’t have the time and frankly you don’t really know what to blog about. Imagine how much easier life would be if you could hire someone to write your blog. Take a load off – let me be your blog writer.
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Helen is a fantastic writer and editor. She’s worked for us on several projects and I’m always amazed by her creativity, her rigour and her professionalism. She works incredibly hard, she never misses a deadline and she gets great results from other writers or editors she’s managing. But most of all she’s just a great, great writer and editor, with a wonderful sense of humour and a brilliant grasp of tone of voice.
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